Data Security

Data Secure


Computer Integrity Inc. works with companies throughout the United States to lock-down data. Unencrypted data is a huge liability for any given business with sensative information. Regardless of the industry, encrypting your data is a step in the right direction.

Imagine any of the following senerios:

  • laptop is stolen from your car
  • your house is broken into and someone steals your desktop
  • you have a small office with a cleaning crew; you discover the crew is not so trusting and steels your equipment (servers, external drives, etc.)
  • you donated your laptop to charity but forgot the laptop contains confidential information
  • you leave your computer unattended and someone attaches a key drive to copy sensative client/patient information

If you think stolen data will not happen to you, think again. Businesses of all sizes are breached daily. While most go un-noticed to the general public, some end up on the wall of shame and ultimately suffer inreputible damage. For example, take a moment to view DataLossDB for recent breaches.

The solution is simple - get Computer Integrity Certified! We leverage similar technogoly by the US government to encrypt classified information. We careful assess and consult with each business to determine vulnerabilities and implement corrective action. Upon completion, we present the business with a certificate of completion. Each quarter, we recertify the business to ensure previous implementations are functioning as designed. If you would like to see a list of Computer Integrity Certified businesses, please phone us today!

Web site hosting and maintenance support

We leverage a data center with state of the art equipment. The data center offers redundant backbone connections with different backbone providers ensure high level of network connectivity (well over 99%), while UPS, emergency generators, an inventory of drives, memory chips and other hardware components allows technical staff to get Servers running quickly in case of hardware failures.

Each server is connected to an uninterruptible power supply, protected by a fire suppression system and multiple air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The data center keeps a ready supply of drives, network cards, processors, motherboards and every piece of equipment that has even a remote chance of failure.

The data center provides 24 x 7 managed network monitoring services, and responds within minutes to server failures, attacks or internet backbone problems. As a result, we have minimized and nearly eliminated the adverse effects of distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other attacks. We offer two primary hosting packages along with a variety of custom solutions for larger clients. The Alpha package rivals any competitor and typically meets the basic needs of a small business or personal web site. The Bravo package is extremely unique in the fact we offer 30 minutes of consulting per month. Many clients use this package to have us make routine updates or answer any technical related questions, etc. In addition, we offer custom solutions for larger traffic clients and/or clients who demand additional support/services.


Web design and development

Few people can build a site using a relatively friendly package such as Microsoft Frontpage, but even fewer can custom build a UNIQUE professional web site. We use the latest technologies offered by Adobe and Microsoft to create unique, profitable sites. If you need database interaction for your site, we have got you covered. We offer MS SQL, MySQL and Access database repositories.

Are you looking to save money and/or need help finding a design to fit your needs? Visit our template section to view thousands of professionally designed layouts. Computer Integrity Inc. is a proud affiliate of Template Monster. Templates offer a good starting point and will save time/money on your overall project. Each template requires varying levels of modifications to properly brand your company. Computer Integrity is capable to modifying each template to your liking ... you pick the template and Computer Integrity will do the rest.

Graphic design and print

Computer Integrity utilizes the latest Adobe products to create custom logos, letterheads, brochures, business cards, etc. If you choose another company for branding your image(s), not a problem. We routinely work with graphic design companies to bring various branding efforts to the internet. Using Computer Integrity for you next advertising campaign will ensure a complete reusable package. We build from the ground up with the end results in mind.




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* Unlimited is within reason. We monitor each account and reserves the right to suspend any domain knowingly abusing our services. Each hosting package is intended for the hosting of web related files; hosting packages are not meant for file storage.

** 30 minutes of consulting is per month and will not rollover. Consulting engagements can be used at your discretion.

*** You must sign-up for the Bravo hosting package and commit to a 6 month contract. Quantity is limited.